Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Democrat attacks

In another e-memo to the faithful the Nebraska Democrat chairman attacks Heineman, Terry, Smith and Fortenberry while claiming that Senator Nelson and President Obama are responsible for whatever is good about Nebraska's economic situation. You can expect to see more of this as the campaigns against these incumbents begin.

'Governor Dave, Leadership is more than deciding where to cut Ribbons
Governor's lack of leadership with State's Budget is telling'

"We were surprised when Dave Heineman announced that he might have to call a special session of the legislature later this year on the budget.1 Where was the Governor's veto pen as the budget sailed through in record time last month? Not a single item was struck.
Yes, these are tough economic times for our state. And, yes, the people deserve leaders who can rise to the occasion and lead in tough times. Dave Heineman is obviously not a leader for tough times.
President Obama and Senator Ben Nelson deserve the credit for saving the state budget. This year, Nebraska, along with nearly every State received direct help in the form of Stimulus funds. Dave Heineman accepted these funds with glee. He used them to pay the bill on State Aid to Education. He used them to launch road projects which were waiting in the queue without funding. He dumped an increase in federal Medicaid money into the general funds.
These economic stimulus funds arrived only with the NO votes from Johanns, Fortenberry, Smith and Terry. These funds are benefiting all Nebraskans, no thanks to the Republican Party of No. The economic recession shows signs of improvement because of the drastic actions taken by Democratic leadership.
We have seen the positive impact this has had for our state and thank you to Senator Nelson for continuing to look out for the interest of Nebraskans first.
But even with a $1.36 billion dollar Democratic gift, Dave Heineman still foresees budget problems. He has already raided the cash reserve. And now after failing to use a veto on any part of the Legislature's budget, he says they may need to call a special session.
The governor's job is not just about deciding whether to cut ribbons in Fremont or Kearney. If the Governor spent more time cutting budgets instead of ribbons, we wouldn't be in this mess. We need a governor who can make the right decisions at the right time for the future of our State."

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