Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Immigration, fund raising, secret meetings

In an article today by Kyle Michaelis of the New Nebraska Network, on, Michaelis attacks the Nebraska Republican Party and it's chairman's fundraising attempt and fight against illegals. It's an interesting article but we were intrigued by one of the comments which said: "I'm wondering if this tactic is among the top secret outcomes of that secret meeting in Omaha of a handful of Republican stakeholders that Fahleson called together on February 28 to determine strategy of the Nebraska GOP. " Comment by "Wondering'

We suspect this was the meeting held by Carlos Castillo at his home with only some of the Douglas County GOP 'elite' invited. But we can tell you that illegal immigration wasn't the reason for the meeting. More likely this was a meeting sanctioned by the governor to build a extra-GOP coalition to further his interests.

Anyone who was there want to comment?

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  1. Just because a meeting is not open to the public does not mean it is a "secret" meeting. All organized groups have private meetings... How you try to pass this blog off as bi-partisan is beyond me. It is obviously just another attempt to bash everyone on the right and this will be my last visit.