Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trouble at Nebraska GOP

We understand that there is much unhappiness with the state of Nebraska's majority party. Appears Mark Fahleson is not the happiest guy and is getting little help in covering the debt produced last fall, not necessarily the fault of former chairman Quandahl. Seems the biggest fund raiser that the party can put together is a breakfast before the Cattleman's Ball for $25 per person. Fahleson's life appears to be further complicated by the fact that he apparently had little to do with the selection of his Executive Director, Perre Neilan who was the governor's choice for the job.

Fahleson is a capable guy who appears to be getting little support from where it should be coming from, the guy who lives on H-Street.


  1. You're so wrong it's amost laughable. Really, where do you get your info?

  2. Any trouble with the Party is caused by impatient people that want instant answers to all the problems of the world. No diplomacy, no working with others. No compromise for the sake of the Country?

    Honestly, a little support for the leaders could go a long way toward building Party unity. It seems like all anyone wants to do is pick people apart, how about a little diplomacy? How about helping instead of b*tching all the time?

    As for the cash problem at the State Party? Who else should be blamed for it if not the last person to hold the debit/credit card? I mean seriously, if I take too much time off of work and can't pay my electric bill, isn't that my fault, or should I blame the electric company for billing me?

    We all need to put all of this petty behavior behind us and rally together to hold the seats we have, prove to the voters that we deserve them, and pull all those Independents back into the Republican Party. This can be done, but not until the infighting and the behind the back crap stops.

  3. The cash problem was created by someone with close association to the governor telling Quandahl to spend money which he didn't have oh legislative races last fall, with the promise the governor would take care. Instead Quandahl did as ordered and was left hanging on a limb with no help from the governor's office.