Friday, September 4, 2009

Omaha Mayor Suttle and A Recall

It is no secret Omaha's Mayor Suttle has had a tumultuous first few months in office. He'll soon end up with a budget that probably won't make him any more popular. We understand that although no decision has been made as to a definite go ahead that a committee is in the process of forming to coordinate a recall effort as early as December. The committee would have a prominent leader or leaders and start raising money and developing a plan so as to be much more organized and effective than the fledgling attempts to recall former Mayor Fahey.

Omaha is headed for continued controversy.

Senator Friend's Replacement

Sometime as early as today you can expect Governor Dave Heineman to appoint a replacement to fill the seat of Mike Friend. Known contenders include Tim Lonergan who serves on the Metro Tech Board; Bob Krist, a retired military guy and pilot, and Jeff Miller who earlier planned on running for the position, pulled back because of health reasons and now has returned to the mix because of improved health expectations. Of the three, certainly Bob Krist is the most impressive.

Krist and Lonergan will fight for the seat no matter whom the governor appoints. The governor is under pressure by supporters like union chief Terry Moore to appoint Lonergan. Other Republican leaders have suggested that Krist is the best choice. Miller won't get the job because he won't run for it if he isn't appointed.

Where does this leave the governor? Well, perhaps with a dark horse female media type? Yes, we understand that he wants to appoint an Omaha reporter, Mary Williams, to fill the seat. If he does, her term will be short because she has no political base.

Friday, August 14, 2009

World Herald and Public Discussion Lacking on Decision

Last week the Douglas County Board approved a request on a vote of 7 to 0 by Sheriff Tim Dunning to spend $2.5 million of confiscated drug funds on a regional crime lab. This as its current chief is under indictment for evidence tampering. The Omaha World Herald was totally absent from the room as its County Board reporter was on vacation.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama Will Come To Omaha

Yes, it is true. President Obama is planning a visit to Omaha to support Lee Terry's opponent, Democrat State Senator Tom White. Obama apparently believes this will give him the chance to solidify the Democrat hold and future of the Second District.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tom White Vs Lee Terry

State Senator White is working his non-campaign or pre-announcement by regular communications with Nebraska Democrats. Here is what he sent out today:

"We’ve had a great response to the email I sent you earlier this week asking for you to help us start strong as I move toward a race for Congress. I’m emailing today with a significant update.

The news just came from D.C. that national Republicans have added Lee Terry to their “Patriot” program – the Republican equivalent of the Endangered Species List. They know Nebraskans aren't happy with the status quo, and that it will take significant resources to defend it.

Show Republican leaders that they’re right to think Lee Terry is among their most vulnerable incumbents by giving at least $10 online right

Now that they consider this seat in danger, we need to be ready for increased attention from Republican leaders in Congress. The D.C. newspaper Roll Call reports that Terry and the other most vulnerable incumbents will compete for 10 spots on the next scheduled “Patriot Day” — a one-day fundraising blitz that brought in almost $100,000 in contributions for each of the 10 original program members when it debuted in June.

Washington Republicans will be bringing serious muscle into our district to defend the status quo. It will take a strong grassroots network to fight back."

Ben Nelson

Hard to believe but several folks have told us that recent visits by Senator Nelson to the Whitehouse may have included discussion about more than the health care bill. In fact, some are suggesting he might be the next replacement for Secretary of Defense Gates. Seems implausible when the senator could be expected to easily win re-election in 2012 assuming he doesn't do something really stupid.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Democrats continue attack on Terry

The Democrats are stepping up their attacks on Congressman Terry as they try to soften him up for a challenge by Senator Tom White. Here is what they sent out today:

The Nebraska Democratic Party is announcing that we have set up an email hotline to collect information on "What has Lee Terry Done?"

It is designed to help identify what, if anything, the Republican Congressman has done for Nebraska.

"We know he jaywalks and maybe uses profanity, but otherwise, we don't know what Lee Terry is doing in Washington." Said State Chair, Vic Covalt.

"Other than voting No, we have no idea whether he does anything back there." Covalt said.

Lee Terry has voted lock step with the Party of No on everything this year.

No on the Stimulus.

No on Women's right to equal wages.

No on the SCHIP program to get insurance for Children.

No on supporting the troops.

No new commands for Offutt Air Force Base.

We might be missing something here, but it seems to us that a faceless congressman with the minority party in Washington is not good Representation for Nebraska. If you know of anything positive that Lee Terry has done in his six terms in Washington, let us know.

We have created a special email account so people can send in proof to support their statements. "We know that the Party of No likes to bend the truth or simply use misleading rhetoric," said Vic Covalt, "so we asking for documented proof to support claims that Lee Terry has done anything."

Please send in anything you know to

If you agree that Nebraska deserves a better class of representative, help us lead the charge. Become a sustaining donor of the Nebraska Democratic Party. Contribute below. "