Thursday, July 9, 2009

Democrats continue attack on Terry

The Democrats are stepping up their attacks on Congressman Terry as they try to soften him up for a challenge by Senator Tom White. Here is what they sent out today:

The Nebraska Democratic Party is announcing that we have set up an email hotline to collect information on "What has Lee Terry Done?"

It is designed to help identify what, if anything, the Republican Congressman has done for Nebraska.

"We know he jaywalks and maybe uses profanity, but otherwise, we don't know what Lee Terry is doing in Washington." Said State Chair, Vic Covalt.

"Other than voting No, we have no idea whether he does anything back there." Covalt said.

Lee Terry has voted lock step with the Party of No on everything this year.

No on the Stimulus.

No on Women's right to equal wages.

No on the SCHIP program to get insurance for Children.

No on supporting the troops.

No new commands for Offutt Air Force Base.

We might be missing something here, but it seems to us that a faceless congressman with the minority party in Washington is not good Representation for Nebraska. If you know of anything positive that Lee Terry has done in his six terms in Washington, let us know.

We have created a special email account so people can send in proof to support their statements. "We know that the Party of No likes to bend the truth or simply use misleading rhetoric," said Vic Covalt, "so we asking for documented proof to support claims that Lee Terry has done anything."

Please send in anything you know to

If you agree that Nebraska deserves a better class of representative, help us lead the charge. Become a sustaining donor of the Nebraska Democratic Party. Contribute below. "

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  1. If they are asking Democrats to submit "anything you know", then it will be an empty inbox-Democrats know nothing about what our Country needs to get back on track and they are proving it every single day.

    As for being inappropriate, how about Old Warren Buffett stating that the amount of stimulus that our government has put into the world economy is "like taking half a Viagra".

    Are we to assume he is an expert on Viagra now? LOL