Friday, September 4, 2009

Senator Friend's Replacement

Sometime as early as today you can expect Governor Dave Heineman to appoint a replacement to fill the seat of Mike Friend. Known contenders include Tim Lonergan who serves on the Metro Tech Board; Bob Krist, a retired military guy and pilot, and Jeff Miller who earlier planned on running for the position, pulled back because of health reasons and now has returned to the mix because of improved health expectations. Of the three, certainly Bob Krist is the most impressive.

Krist and Lonergan will fight for the seat no matter whom the governor appoints. The governor is under pressure by supporters like union chief Terry Moore to appoint Lonergan. Other Republican leaders have suggested that Krist is the best choice. Miller won't get the job because he won't run for it if he isn't appointed.

Where does this leave the governor? Well, perhaps with a dark horse female media type? Yes, we understand that he wants to appoint an Omaha reporter, Mary Williams, to fill the seat. If he does, her term will be short because she has no political base.


  1. I recently met the newly appointed Crist. I was pleasantly surprised by him, found out that he is Omaha-born and raised and I am looking forward to watching his actions in the Leg next Spring and then probably supporting him in the Fall.

    People, this is what is called being an informed voter-no matter what your Party.

  2. Bob Krist will (needs) to win the LD 10 seat. Tim Lonergan has run so many times it's a lost cause for him. Ask Tim anything and he says he just wants to serve. He is not informed, has no idea how State Government works and is a Democrat in hiding. He is going to be exposed and has a lot to lose. Why does he keep running and always loses?

    Tim - stay home and out of the race, please!